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JS-rugs is a company based in New York which partners with 2 rug cooperatives based in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. This area is well known for weaving Moroccan Berber rugs.

Sami and Joanne, husband and wife and owners of JS-Rugs, have been working with these cooperatives for many years and will continue to support them in the future.

They consider it a privilege to represent these 2 cooperatives in the US and to show how these women can create woven works of art from the imagination.

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Azilal Rugs

The Azilal has a background of undyed ivory wool and is decorated with colorful geometric designs. It combines knots and flatweave techniques. The weaving consists of a single knotted line followed by 2 flatweave lines which repeats throughout the rug. The Azilals are produced in the High Atlas Mountains.

Azilal Rugs

Beni Ourain Rugs

Beni Ourain tribal rugs are knotted and are well known for their minimalist design. They are woven from undyed, natural wool with a geometric motif in brown or black and more recently, in pastels or other colors. The Beni Ourain tribes of the northwestern part of the Middle Atlas Mountains have long produced these rugs.

Taznakht Rugs

Taznakht rugs are pile rugs characterized by a high sheen and softness. They are known for the quality of the wool used and for their rich, warm colors. They are woven by the Taznakht tribe, located on the southern slopes of the High Atlas Mountains.

Taznakht Rugs
Moroccan Kilims

Moroccan Kilims

The kilim is a flatweave rug and comes in all sizes and shades of color. These rugs are made from wool as well as cotton and sabra silk from the cactus plant. There are recurring geometric designs and very often the evil eye, a symbol of protection, is found in the pattern. A modern version of the kilim is the Berber Picasso which is all wool and designed with brightly colored, intricate geometric patterns which is reversible.