Navy Blue Moroccan Taznakht Rug Carpet – Tribal Art -3’10″x 6’4″ (193cm x 116cm)

Medium sized Taznakht Moroccan Berber rug with a fringe on both ends. Taznakht refers to the region where these rugs are made. Rugs from this region are pile rugs and are known for their vibrant colors and stylish designs.

This rug has an ink blue background and has Berber symbols on the face of the rug as well as all along the 4 sides. This is an unusual style as most borders are contrasting colors, The last picture is of the back of the rug.

Measures: 3’10” x 6’4″ including the small fringe (193cm x 116cm)

Material: 100% wool

Weight: 12lbs (~6kg)

Condition: Brand New


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