Those who have a keen interest in interior design know that rugs are a timeless element of home decor. Rugs range from hand-woven to machine made and from bold to muted. It is hard to imagine a home without one.

When selecting a Hallway Rug or any other style of rug, consider the following factors as to how a rug will impact your home.

Tips for selecting rugs for your home

1) Define the Area

The best use of rugs is to separate the living room from the dining area, especially with large rooms and studio apartments. A rug can define the area.

2) Color Scheme

Homeowners can use their favorite rug to decide on color schemes for the other items that need to be included in the room. However, if the furniture and decor is already in place, one can pick a rug based on the existing color scheme of the space.

3) Focal Point

H0me owners can use patterned rugs, such as a Moroccan Kilim Rug, to create a focal point which can have a huge impact. Furthermore, to create contrast in the living space, one can consider painting the walls in the hue of one of the accent colors of the rug.

4) Variety

One can consider adding rugs to add variety to the space. When one uses two rugs of the same size, it can visually divide the room into two. So, to create a sense of variety, a suggestion would be to use two different sized rugs.

5) Decorate the Walls

Another way to use rugs as the focal point is to hang the rugs on the walls.

6) Harmony

For homeowners using two rugs or more in the decor, it is a must that each rug compliments the other. Otherwise, it will create an unpleasant effect.

7) Different Shapes

Many homeowners assume that only rectangle rugs go well with the decor, but that is not the case. Instead, one must consider the furniture group to determine which shape to choose and what will be complimentary.

Bottom Line!

Rugs are a significant interior design element that one can improve and beautify one’s space.
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