Moroccan Handmade Blanket Throw – All Merino Wool – Grey White Maroon Mix – Blue Diamonds – Multi Use – Queen Size – 6’6″ x 8’9″

Throw blanket woven in merino wool. Mix of maroon, black and white. Diamond design embroidered in blue. Lightweight and multi-functional with a knotted fringe on both ends.

Measures 6’6″ x 8’9″
Weight is 2lbs 12oz
Suggested Care: Machine wash (warm water) and machine dry on cool setting

This is our part of our newest shipment of merino wool blankets, all handwoven in Fes, Morocco, by a professional weaver. These blankets are soft and have a wonderful feel to them. They can be used in multiple ways such as a sofa throw or bed cover or can be used outdoors for picnics, beach outings.


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