A Comprehensive Guideline About Moroccan Kilim!

We all know that rugs are the best and most attractive way to improve an interior’s aesthetic. However, there are many types of rugs available in the market, but we will discuss Moroccan kilim in today’s topic. Moroccan rugs are hand-woven carpets with different designs and patterns. Because of its uniqueness and beauty, it can […]

How Do You Identify Authentic Moroccan Throw Blankets And Handmade Rugs?

Handmade Moroccan Throw Blankets

Have you ever thought of giving your home decor a mix of Arabic and European touch? Traditional Moroccan rugs and blankets evoke a retro feel and plunge your mind into the historical era. The intricate pattern and pleasing textures that manifest the creativity and efforts of the tribal Moroccans give a divine feeling. Moroccan handmade […]

Important Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Hallway Rugs

It looks like you have made up your mind to get yourself hallway rugs. Well, before you do so, certain things need to be considered. For those who don’t know, hallway rugs are long and rectangular that you can place in any area with a lot of traffic. Not only do these rugs protect your […]

The Expert Guide To Find The Perfect Hallway Rugs

For those who do not know, these hallway rugs are long rectangular-shaped fabrics that people generally place at high-traffic places. Well, that was not a problem. Most people know the rugs; a problem arises when selecting one. As an experienced company, we get this question all the time: how to choose the best rug, how […]

Why Must One Include The Moroccan Rugs In Their Home Decor?

Every house owner wishes to make the ambiance of their house warm and comfortable. Hence, this is why most people focus more on interior designs and decors. At present, there are multiple things that one can include in their home decors, yet rugs can be a game-changer. And for the people who are willing to […]

What Are Beni Ourian Rugs? Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Them

Of all the rugs available out there, Beni Ourian rugs are considered the most comfortable ones you’ll ever witness. You’d be surprised to know that they are made up of 100% sheep wool and are 100% undyed. These heirloom rugs are made for those who appreciate the natural world. They are best suited for people […]

Moroccan Pillow Cover: A Complete Guide To Buying Pillows!

Indeed, everyone loves to change their room interior as per the season or according to the occasion. But, do you ever think that your little bit of investment in the pillow cover can add more pristine beauty to your home. Yes, you are reading right, you can easily give your home a lovely view by […]

Reasons Why Moroccan Kilim Rugs Are So Famous

It may sound a bit too much, especially for rugs, but you’d be surprised to know that Moroccan kilim rugs have a rich history. They are cultured products, which means they have a lot of meaning to the local people who hand weave them. They go back to the Paleolithic era; that’s when it all […]

4 Things To Review When Buying Moroccan Azilal Rug Online!

Are you wondering how to spice up your home with amazing and unique carpets? Well, there are various options for carpets, and one of the most popular is buying a Moroccan azilal rug online. One of the best things about authentic Moroccan rugs is that they represent the beautiful art of the culture and the […]