Moroccan Beni Ourain – rug Black & White – Long White Fringe -3’6″x 7’8″ (234cm x 107cm)

Handira rug from the Atlas Mountains. Woven with rows of black and white in different patterns interchanged with narrow rows of plain white woven cotton. The wool and the cotton provide different textures and colors. There is long braided white fringe on both ends. There is also many pieces of white wool on the reverse and some can be seen on the sides of the rug as well. This style of rug as often used as a covering on the cold winter nights in the Atlas Mountains and this extra wool provided extra warmth.

This rug is similar to the Handira wedding blanket in weaving style but this piece is thicker and stiffer. It is very often used as decoration on furniture or as a wall hanging.

Measures  3’6″ x 7’8″(234cm x 107cm) including the fringe on both ends.

Weight is ~7lbs. (~3.2kg).


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