Moroccan Berber Light Navy Taznakht Rug2’8″x 4’9″ including the small fringe (145cm x 81cm)

Small boutique handknotted rug with a fringe on each end. This rug is a Taznakht in reference to the region where these rugs are made. Taznaght are pile rugs and are known for their vibrant colors and stylish designs. This rug is woven is a lovely subtle of blue which is not too dark and quite vibrant. This rug is unusual as the borders are not a contrasting color but lined with symbols of Berber life. The last picture is of the back of the rug..

Measures: 2’8″ x 4’9″  including the small fringe (145cm x 81cm)

Material: 100% wool

Weight: 7lbs (~3kg)

Condition: Brand New


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