It looks like you have made up your mind to get yourself hallway rugs. Well, before you do so, certain things need to be considered.
For those who don’t know, hallway rugs are long and rectangular that you can place in any area with a lot of traffic. Not only do these rugs protect your flooring from usual wear and tear, but they can also make a huge design impact on a narrow space. Now, you might think that buying a rug is quite an easy task, well; apparently, it’s not, the reason being the options that are available out there. But that’s just not it, many aspects need to be considered, and that’s exactly what we’ll be addressing in this post.

Measure your space
To get started, you must measure your space because you see these rugs come in a variety of lengths and widths. A standard rug comes in between 2 and 3 feet wide and can range from 6 to 14 feet long. It is recommended that you should have 4-5 inches of flooring visible on all sides of your carpet. In case you have a long hallway, you might have more visible floor space on the end of the rug, which is okay as long as the rug is centered properly.
Don’t forget about the color
Color is something we don’t want you to miss out on; after all, it is the only thing that sets the mood in your house, just like you don’t compromise color while buying handmade blankets. When it comes to choosing the perfect color, take your room’s atmosphere in mind. If your room is painted in neutral colors like white, beige, or gray, choosing a vibrant rug is a great way to bring personality to the living space. If you want something that’s soft and subtle, consider purchasing a rug that closely matches the toned on your flooring.
Choose a style
You must determine a style that will accentuate your living space’s architecture, flooring, and surrounding décor. Besides keeping your house décor in mind, it is advised that you know your style goals before you even start shopping. There are chances that most of you would choose the hallway as your preferred space, and getting a stylish rug can change that. With the right rug, your guest will feel like they are walking down the red carpet whenever they take a stroll down the corridor.
Choose an appropriate pattern
A pattern is all that’ll make a big difference in your house. It may sound irrational to you, but a rug sets things in motion, so once you’ve determined the rug style, you need to give some thought to patterns. For instance, if you are looking for something that would go well with your grand entrance, a striped rug might do the job. You can also consider buying rugs with geometric patterns that work pretty well as they offer modernism. Besides the pattern, consider the pattern scale just so your room’s design looks more balanced.

Final Thoughts
And those were some of the points that you need to keep in mind in order to get the best hallway rugs for your room. But, now you must be wondering where you should buy one? Well, in that case, you must choose JS Rugs because here, quality is all you are going to get. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our online store now!

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