moroccan Berber Taznaght rug 50yo (1960’s) – Hand Knotted tribal Design-4’6″x7’8″x

Berber Taznaght Rug – A Unique Piece of Textile Art

This is a lovely rug from the Taznaght area around Marrakesh.

The most wonderful attribute about this rug is its design – it is unique and could be displayed in any room. It could be used as a piece of wall art.

It is about 50 years old and the wool has become shiny with a ‘silky’ feel. It has been well taken care of and was just cleaned by professional rug cleaners.


Brief Background of Berber Rugs

The weaving techniques have been passed down from generation to generation and only local products are used, such as wool from their own sheep and natural dyes from local items such as saffron, henna, pomegranate and teas.

Weaving looms are found in each home and one or more women may sit in front of the loom creating a design without using either a pattern or a diagram.

Each rug is unique and created from the weaver’s repertoire and her imagination. Each rug may take months, if not years, to complete as the weaver builds the rug from thousands (and sometimes millions) of individually tied knots.ded orange fringe. There is some embroidery as well as some small geometric shapes woven in pastels.

Rug measures 4’6″x 7’8″ (234cm x 139cm) with 2″ fringe on both ends

Weight is ~8 lbs (3.6kg).

Age : ~50 years old

Excellent condition!



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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 2.45 × 1.20 m


Regional Design

Berber / Moroccan




Modern Tribal


7'8" x 4'6" (234cm x 139cm)


8' x 4' (245cm x 120cm)


Area Rug

Country/Region of Manufacture





1940-1969, Old


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