Moroccan Berber Picasso Taznakht Rug – Patchwork Design -4’10″x 8’11” (272cm x 147cm)

Lovely Berber Picasso rug handwoven with a rainbow of colors. This rug is a flatwoven rug (no knots). The pattern is created with many colors and many small geometric figures. It is reversible and both the back and the front can be used. There is a scalloped edge on one edge and a fringe on the other. Blues and reds are the dominant colors in the rug.

Rug measures  4’10 x”8’11”  (272cm x 147cm including the 2″ fringe

Weight is 10lbs 12oz (~5kg)

Excellent condition. It is made in the Taznaght region of Atlas Mountains of Morocco.


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