It will not be wrong if we say that rugs are to our houses like shoes are to a well-dressed outfit.  The décor of our houses would be incomplete without rugs and our houses would look undressed.  In this blog, JS Rugs will describe the importance of hallway rugs and how to use them.

How do rugs complete your home?

Visual Pathways

The place we call hallways tend to be an unwelcoming space.  The correct choice of rugs will improve the hallway and provide it with life.  Consider how your color scheme flows into connecting rooms.

Connect Spaces

According to experts, place similar style connecting rugs in connecting spaces and this will unify the rooms.  By doing this, you are providing a map to the interior of your living space.

Sound Absorption

We can confidently say that rugs are the best option to kill unnecessary sound, such as running feet, especially if you have hardwood floors.  The rugs will absorb the sound and your space will be much quieter.

What type of rug will work best in your hallway?

We would suggest a thick and knotted rug such as a Beni Ourain rugIt will absorb the sound and lead you into connecting spaces.  It is also neutral and will not conflict with your décor.


As we talked about, rugs in our houses are like shoes to a well-dressed outfit.  We have described the importance of hallway rugs and what are the factors to consider while buying them.  So, it is time that you visit our website and pick the best rugs possible.

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