Every house owner wishes to make the ambiance of their house warm and comfortable. Hence, this is why most people focus more on interior designs and decors. At present, there are multiple things that one can include in their home decors, yet rugs can be a game-changer.

And for the people who are willing to add an element of surprise to their living space by including Moroccan Berber rugs can go through the information shared about the particular rug type and why one must include it in their decor.

A quick overview of the Moroccan rugs

The Moroccan rugs are the unique textile floor coverings hand-woven by the indigenous tribal people. Further, each rug’s unique story and artistic flair make it famous worldwide.

Why is this rug type so popular?

The Moroccan rugs are famous because of their dynamic color, folk art designs, and geometric patterns. And as these particular heirlooms are passed down to the generations, this rug type is the hottest trend in the decor.

For the unaware people, the Moroccan rugs are traditionally woven by the Moroccan people. The Berber rugs are woven by hand by North Africa and the Sahara people. The weavers are not trained, and the designs are prepared using formal patterns.

The Moroccan rugs are prepared by the different Berber tribes in North Africa and Sahara. The style might differ depending on the local access to the natural plants, minerals for dyes, vegetation, climate, and the knitting pattern.

From what the traditional Moroccan rug is made?

For those who are unaware, the Moroccan Berber rugs are made from pure wool in different thicknesses and piles, depending on the region. The rugs are prepared so that the thicker pile ones are utilized in the snowy areas, while the flat rugs are designed for the hot climate regions.

The creation process might take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months, depending on the size and style. At present, many Moroccan rugs are mass-produced by using nylon and other Olefin fiber to offer low-quality floor decor at an affordable price. Still, many countries are banning this practice to preserve the uniqueness and quality of the tribal designs.

Are Moroccan rugs washable and durable? 

It is said that the Moroccan rugs are of high quality, which makes them durable. Moreover, they are stain-resistant and affordable. However, to prevent the wear of patterns, it is suggested to get them cleaned every 6-12 months.

Easy to care process for Moroccan rugs 

Initially, one needs to prepare a clean washing area and prepare the rug by hanging it and beating off the dirt and dust particles.
Now, place the rug in the clean area and wet it. Then, add detergent and rub the rug gently to create foam on the surface. After that, one can rinse the rug and hang it outside to dry.

How do people around the world make use of the Moroccan rug?

For those who think that Moroccan rugs are limited to be utilized as the floor coverings, they are designed so that this rug can be used as a sleeping mat, seating cover, mattresses, bed coverings, burial shrouds, and saddle blankets.

Which is the popular Berber Moroccan rug?

Each Berber rug displays its unique design that is highly dependent on the climate and access to the materials. However, the most famous Moroccan Berber rugs include the Mrirt Moroccan rugs. This rug is made of high-density wool and deep colors, making it exquisite. Moreover, the natural fibers resist stains and can combat a fire. So, for people who enjoy the soft texture of warm wool, the Mrirt rug is a perfect fit for them.

Moroccan rugs in the modern era

With the increase in boho and Bohemian decorating popularity, modern interior designers embrace Moroccan rugs. Further, natural aging increases the value of these vintage rugs over time.

Final Thoughts

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